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Zombi Ritual (2020) LE 99 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B + CD Soundtrack

Zombi Ritual (2020) LE 99 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B + CD Soundtrack

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 Limited to 99

Ronny receives a mysterious videotape that shows seemingly unrelated bloody goings-on in an old rock vault. His sister Krissi can also be seen in the photo, covered in blood. Determined and armed to the teeth, he sets out with his friends to free his sister. On their search through the Franconian wilderness they are attacked by bloodthirsty zombies. Their path leads them to an old abandoned place where an occult Templar order held cruel blood rituals in the Middle Ages. Step by step, the friends fall into their doom and uncover the horrific truth. In the meantime, the zombie plague continues to spread...

Labels: MaRuMi FilmMotion
Country: Germany (2024)
Publication: 29.02.2024
Ratings: Unverified
Limitation: 99 pcs.
Region code: B/2 ( info )


Blu-Ray running time: 51 mins.
DVD running time: 28 Bonus Film Mania min.
Soundtracks: German DTS-HD MA 5.1
Subtitle: English
Extras: 3-Disc Mediabook / new master / pressed:
A 28-page booklet with lots of interesting background information about the Franconian filmmakers from POSTMORTEM PRODUCTIONS
Photo gallery, various trailers, outtakes etc.
The remastered main film on Blu-ray
The backwoods slasher MANIA (also from POSTMORTEM PRODUCTIONS) as a bonus film on DVD.
The soundtrack to ZOMBI RITUAL on CD
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