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Traces of Snuff: Mixtape 1&2 - Limited Edition 200 Slipcase - DVD Region Free

Traces of Snuff: Mixtape 1&2 - Limited Edition 200 Slipcase - DVD Region Free

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Limited and hand numbered to 200. 



Traces of Snuff Mixtape Volume 1+2

Lost Cave 1+2

Born Dead 2 REDUX


Simon Spachmann is known for delving deep into the abysses of the human psyche. With a blend of surreal imagery, disturbing characters, and unexpected plot twists, Spachmann creates an atmosphere of discomfort that sets his works apart from others.

In this mixtape, viewers are taken on a journey through dark and unsettling worlds where nothing is as it seems. From bloody and gore-laden scenes to psychological horror elements, Simon Spachmann's work offers a wide range of shocking and disturbing moments that captivate and challenge the audience.


"Lost Cave 1" and "Lost Cave 2" transport viewers deep into dark caves full of secrets and dangers. With a tense atmosphere and unexpected turns, these short films take viewers on a journey into the unknown where nothing is as it seems.

The revised version of "Born Dead 2 Redux" provides a new perspective on the original work and deepens the dark themes and motifs for which Simon Spachmann is known. With improved effects and a more intense direction, this short film will once again captivate viewers and provide unforgettable moments.

Along with the other included short films, this mixtape by Simon Spachmann offers a comprehensive selection of disturbing and fascinating works that will thrill fans of underground horror.

English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Mandarin, Japanese.

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