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The Monster Squad (1987) *DING* Used LE 666 Mediabook Cover F - Blu-ray Region B

The Monster Squad (1987) *DING* Used LE 666 Mediabook Cover F - Blu-ray Region B

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Corner ding. Please see the photos!

Includes the Wolfman's Got Nards documentary. 

Five youngsters find themselves up against the combined might of Dracula, the Mummy, the Gill Man, and Frankenstein's Monster who arrive in town in search of a magic amulet.


Label: Wicked Vision Media
Country: Germany (2023)
Publication: April 28, 2023
Rating: FSK 18
Limitation: 666 pieces
Region code: B/2 ( Info )


Blu-Ray running time: 82:00 min.
Sound tracks: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (English only)
Subtitle: German English

- For the first time with the award-winning 2018 documentary WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS on a separate Blu-ray (pressed)
- 1x 2-disc media book incl. 24-page booklet
- 1x Blu-ray: MONSTER BUSTERS in the exclusive picture remaster (2019) incl. bonus
- 1x Blu-ray: WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS - THE DOCUMENTARY incl. bonus


Disc 1: "Monster Squad"
main film
- audio commentary with director Fred Dekker & cameraman Bradford May
- audio commentary with director Fred Dekker & actor Andre Gower , RyanLambert & Ashley Bank
- Audio commentary with David Renske & Daniel Peree from Wicked Vision
- Documentary: "Monster Squad forever" (76:15 min.)
- "Vintage Interview" with Frankenstein's monster (08:39 min.)
- Deleted scenes ( 14:00 min.)
- Animated storyboard sequences (01:40 min.)
- 35mm original theatrical trailer (01:58 min.)
- Original trailer [Recut] (01:55 min.)
- German trailer (01:47 min .)
- TV spot (00:31 min.)
- Picture gallery (08:06 min.)

Disc 2: "Wolfman's Got Nards"
- IN THE GODDAMN CLUB! more with Fan of "The Monster Squad"
- Music Video: "Blood Bath" (Live)
- Caverns
- Fangs
- Fantastic Fest
- Haunting of Lambert
- On the River
- Patrick's Sister
- Fred Dekker on Movies
- Shane Black on Myth
- Adam Goldberg in 80's Movies
- Seth Green on Pop Culture
- Interview with André Gower & Henry Darrow McComas
- Audio Interview with Ashley Bank
- Audio Interview with Tom Noonan
- Audio Interview with Carl Thibault
- Audio Interview with Michael Reid MacKay
- Original Trailer: Wolfman's Got Nards
- 35mm Theatrical Trailer: The Monster Suad
- Original Trailer [Re-Cut Version]: The Monster Squad
- German Trailer [Re-Cut Version]: Monster Busters
- TV Spot [Re-Cut Version]: The Monster Squad
- Slideshow

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