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The Killing Tree (2022) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

The Killing Tree (2022) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

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Faith is suffering from trauma because her parents were killed on Christmas by the crazy couple Clay and Morrigan. To cope with this, she has invited her friends to a festive villa to celebrate Christmas there. At the same time, Morrigan uses a demonic ritual to bring her husband Clay, who also died, back to life. But the spell goes wrong and her husband is resurrected as a malicious Christmas tree. From now on, the Christmas-decorated but more than bloodthirsty fir tree terrorizes the young people and takes revenge on everyone it holds responsible for their deaths. The victims are now in for a very special and particularly needle-bloody Christmas!


LENGTH: 73 minutes

AUDIO: English and German DTS-HD MA 5.1


IMAGE FORMAT: 2.35:1 HD 1080p Widescreen


EXTRAS: Trailer for movie, other trailers, reversible sleeve


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