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The Crippled Masters (1972) Blu-ray Region Free

The Crippled Masters (1972) Blu-ray Region Free

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"The Crippled Masters" is a classic martial arts film released in 1979 under the original title of, "Tiān cán dì quē." It would later be released in the United States in 1982. Directed by Joe Law, the film tells the story of two martial artists who overcome physical disabilities to become skilled fighters. The plot revolves around two men, one who has lost both arms and the other who has lost both legs, as they seek revenge against the villainous master who crippled them. Throughout the film, they undergo rigorous training, mastering their unique fighting styles. As both men hone their skills, they encounter various challenges and adversaries, including other martial artists and the master's henchmen. Along the way, they form a deep bond and develop innovative techniques that capitalize on their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Known for its inventive fight scenes, which showcase the protagonists' resourcefulness and determination despite their physical limitations, this film highlights that with perseverance and skill any obstacle can be overcome. The film was well received and led to two sequels.

Bonus Materials

  • Liner notes by Lawrence Carter-Long
  • Full Commentary track by Will Sloan and Justin Decloux of The Important Cinema Club
  • New documentary by Ballyhoo Motion Pictures
  • Original trailer recut using restored film elements
  • Festival of Kung Fu Trailers
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