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Teen Vamp (1988) German Import Cover A - Blu-ray Region B

Teen Vamp (1988) German Import Cover A - Blu-ray Region B

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Recommended for fans of offbeat and campy 80s horror. Comparable with Frank Hennenlotter movies, Troma films, etc.

THIS FILM WILL SUCK THE BLOOD OUT OF YOUR VEINS! Murphy is a hormone-driven teenager who thinks about girls all day long - and especially about his secret flame Conny. But since Murphy is an absolute loser, he has no chance of getting with any girl. Luckily, a prostitute can help him out, but she turns out to be a vampire and promptly turns Murphy into one of her own. Murphy doesn't really like his life as an undead because he is now the coolest guy in his high school, can get back at the school bully and the girls are at his feet. Only his mother has had enough of her son, who has changed completely, and hires an exorcist...


LENGTH: 89 minutes

AUDIO: English and German DD 2.0


IMAGE FORMAT: 1.85:1 HD 1080p Widescreen


EXTRAS: Trailer, reversible cover

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