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Saw X (2023) LE Mediabook - 4k UHD

Saw X (2023) LE Mediabook - 4k UHD

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Between the events of SAW I and II, John Kramer (Tobin Bell) heads to Mexico to undergo an experimental medical treatment. The hope for a miraculous cure drives him. But instead he discovers that the entire operation is a diabolical scam. The notorious serial killer returns to his work with a new goal in mind: he turns the tables and brings the fraudsters to justice in his own devious and sophisticated way.

With SAW X the franchise returns to its roots! The director is again Kevin Greutert, who previously directed “Saw VI” and “Saw VII” and was also responsible for editing “Saw IV” and “Jigsaw”. This time the bloody game takes place in Mexico, a new location eagerly awaited by the fan community.


Label: Studio Channel
Country: Germany (2024)
Publication: March 7, 2024
Rating: FSK 18
Limitation: None or Unknown
Region code: B/2 ( Info )


Blu-Ray running time: 119:00 mins.
Sound tracks: German (Dolby Atmos) English (Dolby Atmos)
Subtitle: German
Extras: - Booklet
- Audio commentary by director Kevin Greutert, cameraman Nick Matthews and production designer Anthony Stabley
- 6-part documentary series "Resurrection - The Creation of SAW X"
- Featurettes "Cecilia's House", "Scene 89", Gabriela's Trap
- Deleted Scenes
- Trap Tests
- Trailer
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