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Phase IV (1974) LE Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

Phase IV (1974) LE Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

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In a laboratory in the Arizona desert, Dr. Ernest Hubbs (Nigel Davenport) and James Lesko (Michael Murphy) investigate the mysterious behavioral changes of the ants living there. They come across a collective superintelligence that the insects developed after a cosmic event. The crawlers suddenly build strange structures and attack their enemies with unusual aggression. When even humans fall victim to the desert ants, the scientists desperately look for ways to stop their six-legged opponents...

Label: Capelight Pictures
Country: Germany (2022)
Publication: July 22, 2022
Rating: FSK 12
Limitation: None or Unknown
Region code: B/2 ( Info )


Blu-Ray running time: 84:00 minutes
DVD duration: 84:00 minutes
Sound tracks: German (Linear PCM 2.0 Mono) German (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) English (Linear PCM 2.0 Mono) English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
Subtitle: German
Extras: - Bonus Blu-ray
- 44-page booklet
- The film has been extensively restored to restore the original Technicolor colors
- Bonus: Alternative ending
- Short films
- Audio commentary
- Featurettes
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