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Night of the Bastard (2022) Culture Shock w/ Slipcover - Blu-ray Region A

Night of the Bastard (2022) Culture Shock w/ Slipcover - Blu-ray Region A

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Disgruntled hermit Reed lives a solitary life in the desert. After chasing away a group of youths trying to party near his home, his peaceful life is violently upheaved when a group of demonic cultists lay siege to his house. Forced to partner up with one of the partygoers, Reed and his newfound colleague must defend themselves into the night, all while long-buried and disturbing secrets are revealed to him as part of the cult’s evil master plan. Director Eric Boccio and actor/producer/musician London May’s (of the Danzig fronted band Samhain, et al) first feature-length film under their exploitation-themed slate, YOUR FUNERAL, is a supernatural take on the siege film with a scorched earth performance by May. NIGHT OF THE BASTARD is equal parts white-knuckle tension and blood-soaked terror that hearkens back to the 1970s action-heavy horror of RACE WITH THE DEVIL.

Culture Shock Releasing is honored to give NIGHT OF THE BASTARD its worldwide Blu-ray debut in a beautifully and digitally restored presentation.

Specs: 2022 / 81 mins / 1.88:1
Director: Eric Boccio / Starring: London May

Bonus Features:
Night Of The Bastard – Official MPI trailer

Night Of The Bastard – Grindhouse trailer

Brutal Realty Inc – short film
Brutal Realty Inc –  trailer

Night Of The Bastard/Brutal Realty Inc –

A booklet with exclusive photos,  original posters,  awards,  etc, and short written introduction by London and Erik
Night Of The Bastard – BTS Featurette
Night Of The Bastard – Deleted Scenes
Night Of The Bastard – Alternate Ending

Night Of The Bastard – audio commentary w/Director and Actor/Producer (Erik and London) Night Of The Bastard – “42nd Street” comedy audio commentary w/Cali Cal

Night Of The Bastard – Subtitles

Brutal Realty Inc – Subtitles (Eng/French/Spanish)

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