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Last Cannibal World aka Jungle Holocaust: 1 & 2 - LE Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

Last Cannibal World aka Jungle Holocaust: 1 & 2 - LE Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

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The two CANNIBAL CLASSICS by Umberto Lenzi and Ruggero Deodato, UNCUT on two Blu-ray discs.

MONDO CANNIBALE Involved in a murder case that was not his fault, the English journalist Bradley flees into the northern Thai jungle. When his companion is killed and he himself is captured by a tribe of natives, he learns first hand that the jungle holds many unexpected dangers. Because of his blond hair and diving suit, the natives think he is a fishman. His forced stay with the primitive savages becomes a chain of torture and cruelty, with a loving encounter. When the village is then attacked by a hungry tribe of cannibals, a brutal fight for life and death ensues. MONDO CANNIBALE by cult director Umberto Lenzi ("Eaten Alive" and "The Revenge of the Cannibals"), an erotic inferno of cruel cannibalism and sexual rites. Original title: Il Paese del sesso selvaggio

MONDO CANNIBALE 2 - THE BIRDMAN On the way to Manila, Harper and his companions make a stopover on one of the many small jungle islands in the Philippines. After landing, however, they discover that the small station is completely deserted. Since their plane is no longer suitable for further flight, they make their way inland. But soon after, most of Harper's companions die, and he himself is taken prisoner by a prehistoric tribe of cannibals.


Labels: 84 Entertainment
Country: Germany (2023)
Publication: 28.12.2023
Ratings: Age rating 18
Limitation: None or Unknown
Region code: B/2 ( info )
Title Included: Mondo Cannibale
Mondo Cannibale 2 - The Birdman


Blu-Ray running time: Part 1: 93:00 &. Part 2: 90:00 min.
Soundtracks: German (DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono) Italian (DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Mono)
Subtitle: German English
Extras: - 56-page Tenebrarum booklet
- Featurettes: Inferno of Innards & Deep River Memories
- Interview with director Umberto Lenzi
- Super8 version
- alternative cut
- export version
- audio commentaries with Prof. Dr. Marcus Stiglegger and Dr. Kai Naumann
- Ruggero Deodato and Federico Caddeo
- eyewitness recordings
- interview with Ruggero Deodato
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