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King of the Ants (2003) DINGED Limited Edition 300 Green/Red Marbled 180g Vinyl OST

King of the Ants (2003) DINGED Limited Edition 300 Green/Red Marbled 180g Vinyl OST

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These encountered some dings in transit. Big savings if you don't care about cosmetic issues to the out sleeve. 



Treasured Films is thrilled to release the complete vinyl score to KING OF THE ANTS by Bobby Johnston

King Of The Ants is a 2003 neo-noir crime revenge film directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and written by Charlie Higson (The Fast Show, Jekyll and Hyde). It stars Daniel Baldwin, Kari Wuhrer, George Wendt, Vernon Wells and Chris McKenna, playing the lead role: a young drifter who discovers his true calling when he's hired by a mobster to kill a prominent accountant, only to be betrayed by stingy thugs who then try and kill him, rather than pay him... 

They wanted a fall guy. 

They created a monster!

Using only acoustic instruments, the film's memorable score is also created using household items: items that were never meant to be used for making music...Using this minimalist approach, the score fits with the film's characters, who carry out their brutality and murder without proper weapons - instead using their own hands and whatever objects were at their disposal: a fossilized dinosaur tooth, sledgehammers, axes, golf clubs… items that were meant for other uses, rather than violence.

Treasured Films is excited to present the complete score, re-mastered for the first time on vinyl.

'I am the Ants, you f*ckers!'

KING OF THE ANTS Original Motion Picture Score Features:

  • The Complete Soundtrack Re-Mastered and Approved By Composer Bobby Johnston.

  • 180 Gram "Ants" Coloured Vinyl.

  • Brand New Artwork by Ilan Sheady of Uncle Frank Productions.

  • Archival and Brand New Liner Notes by Director Stuart Gordon and Composer Bobby Johnston.

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