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Jack Frost (1997) Uncut - Limited Edition 50 Large Hardbox - Blu-ray Region B

Jack Frost (1997) Uncut - Limited Edition 50 Large Hardbox - Blu-ray Region B

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Limited to 50!

Jack Frost is a serial killer. He murdered 38 people in cold blood. Ice flows through his veins instead of blood and instead of a heart he only has an ice cube. He is caught and sentenced to death, but on the way to his execution in a raging snowstorm, a serious accident occurs: a truck loaded with genetically treated test samples collides with the police van and Jack is contaminated. He mutates into a killer snowman who has control over ice and snow and goes on the hunt for the man who put him behind bars. Who can stop the icy monster now?



LENGTH: 89 minutes

AUDIO: English and German DTS HD MA 5.1 / DD 2.0


IMAGE FORMAT: 1.78:1 (1080p) Widescreen


EXTRAS:Audio commentary (English) with director Michael Cooney - Foreword with Michael Cooney - Interview with Scott MacDonald - Interview with Dean Lent - Original trailer Additional information: The ultimate horror is a snowman: JACK FROST is an ironic splatter comedy that features a prominent cast including Scott MacDonald (STAR ​​TREK: ENTERPRISE), F. William Parker (LOST HIGHWAY) and AMERICAN PIE star Shannon Elizabeth. A must for fans of dark entertainment and pitch-black humor.


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