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Hundra (1983) LE 111 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

Hundra (1983) LE 111 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

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Often referred to as “the Female Conan” this sword and sorcery epic stars Laurene Landon (Airplane II, Maniac Cop) as the fierce warrior woman Hundra. Filled with steamy scenes of barbarian women warriors fighting and making love set to a thunderous score by Oscar winning composer Ennio Morricone. The 1983 Spanish production is the story of the arch fighter and swordswoman Hundra who is superior to any man. She vows revenge when she finds her family and tribe slain until one day she finds love and her true purpose. Directed by the legendary Matt Cimba, best known for the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling fame.

Label: Focus Media
Country: Germany (2024)
Publication: 02/29/2024
Rating: FSK 18
Limitation: 111 pcs.
Region code: B/2 ( Info )


Blu-Ray running time: 109:00 min.
DVD duration: 105:00 min.
Sound tracks: German DTS-HD MA 2.0 (Mono) English DTS-HD MA 2.0 (Mono)
Subtitle: German English
Extras: - Booklet
- Audio commentary by Matt Cimber (director), Laurene Landon (lead actress) and Norman Hill
- Hunting Hundra
- Soundtrack Ennio Morricone
- Lobbycard gallery
- Trailer
- Drive by (BD only, hidden feature)
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