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Headhunter (1989) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

Headhunter (1989) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

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Horror and fear slowly take hold of the people of Miami when a series of gruesome murders occurs. The victims suffer such a cruel and painful death that cop Pete Guiliani and his colleague Kat Hall believe that the murderer is insane. A shaman explains to them that the bloody crimes are being carried out by a headhunter, an incredibly dangerous being. His ability to change his shape and take possession of other people makes it almost impossible to catch him. But time is running out - if he finds three more victims, his power will be limitless! Pete and Kate now know that the killing machine cannot be stopped by normal means. They track down an expert in "black magic" who only very reluctantly reveals to them the extraordinary way to stop the killer.



LENGTH: 92 minutes

AUDIO: English and German DD 2.0


IMAGE FORMAT: 1.85:1 HD 1080p


German & English trailer, open matte version (German & English), international opening credits, Reversible sleeve


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