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Hard Boiled (1992) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

Hard Boiled (1992) German Import - Blu-ray Region B

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Inspector Yuen of the Hong Kong Police Department is doing everything he can to destroy Hong Kong's brutal arms trafficking syndicates once and for all. For months, undercover agents have been infiltrated and preparations made for the devastating blow to uncover the identity of a middleman who conducts his dirty business in a Chinese teahouse. When Yuen shows up there to thwart another arms deal, the situation escalates. A wild shootout ensues in which the main suspects, but also many innocent people, are killed. Inspector Yuen is back at square one. But in his stubborn determination to do justice, he stays on the trail of the arms traffickers - and breaks all the rules of the law in the process.


LABEL: T&G Vision Film

LENGTH: 127 minutes

AUDIO: English, German, and Cantonese - DD 2.0

SUBTITLES: English and German

IMAGE FORMAT: 1.78:1-16:9, 1080p HD


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