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Event Horizon (1997) *DING* Used - LE 750 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

Event Horizon (1997) *DING* Used - LE 750 Mediabook - Blu-ray Region B

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DING! Please see the photos!

When the Event Horizon, a spacecraft that vanished years earlier, suddenly reappears, a team is dispatched to investigate the ship. Accompanied by the Event Horizon's creator, William Weir (Sam Neill), the crew of the Lewis and Clark, led by Capt. Miller (Laurence Fishburne), begins to explore the seemingly abandoned vessel. However, it soon becomes evident that something sinister resides in its corridors, and that the horrors that befell the Event Horizon's previous journey are still present.

Label: Paramount Pictures
Country: Germany (2018)
Publication: May 11, 2018
Rating: FSK 16
Limitation: 750 pieces
Region code: B/2 ( Info )


Blu-Ray running time: 95:57 minutes
DVD duration: 91:59 minutes
Sound tracks: German English
Subtitle: German English
Extras: 24-page booklet with text by Christoph N. Kellerbach
Audio commentary by Paul WS Anderson & Jeremy Bolt
No way back: The footage from Event Horizon
Removed & Extended Scenes
The unseen Event Horizon
Making of
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