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Ecco / Forbidden (DVD Region Free)

Ecco / Forbidden (DVD Region Free)

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Ecco (1963) A documentary highlighting some of the oddest, strangest and more grotesque examples of human behavior. Included are a tour of the Grand Guignol theater in Paris, a man who sticks long needles through his body, footage of reindeer being castrated, and more footage of lesbians and strippers.

The Forbidden (1966) This presents itself as a documentary on various "forbidden" topics, and takes us to a strip club in Paris, a travelling topless bar in the United States, a lesbian club in Geneva, an underground school where a stripper teaches women how to remain desirable to their husbands, and other sites of interest.

LABEL: Severin

AUDIO: English


LENGTH: 99 min + 65 min


YEAR: 1963/1966

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