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Captives (1988) (LE 2000 Slipcover - Blu-ray Region A)

Captives (1988) (LE 2000 Slipcover - Blu-ray Region A)

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Slipcover limited to 2000 units. 

Director Gary P. Cohen sent shockwaves through rental shops in 1987 with Video Violence, and delivered the gory goods again the following year with Captives. Cohen’s low-fi home invasion shocker crept onto shelves courtesy of Majestic Home Video, but it was against the filmmaker’s will in a hatcheted cut under the title Mama’s Home. It would be decades before the director’s version of Captives would be seen, and Terror Vision is proud to present it here in a new transfer from the BETA-SP master.

When Nikki (Jackie Neill) is released from prison after being sentenced for a crime she didn’t commit, she and her deranged brothers Chick (Art Neill) and Paulie (Neil Cerbone) set out to expose ex-husband Barry (Gary P. Cohen) to his family by forcing them to watch videos of the very real horrors he enjoys perpetrating. As the cruel theater scene plays out, the captors descend into mania and the captives fight for their lives in a shocking tale of excess and abuse.

Terror Vision delivers the ultimate release of Captives, packed with new special features that include new commentary, interviews, and the alternate Mama’s Home version of the film. Whether you are a seasoned Cohen fan or are new to his iconic brand of SOV mayhem, Captives is a blood-drenched thriller you will never forget. Just be careful before opening the door!


  • New Commentary with Director Gary P. Cohen
  • New Interview w/ Gary P. Cohen
  • New Interview w/ Neil Cerbone
  • New Interview w/ Mark Dolson
  • New Interview w/ Mark Kwaitek
  • Alternate Cut of Captives known as Mama's Home
  • Newly Created Captions
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