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The Frighteners (LE 6 Disc Box Set - 4K UHD / Blu-ray Region B)

The Frighteners (LE 6 Disc Box Set - 4K UHD / Blu-ray Region B)

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THE FRIGHTENERS - 6-Disc Ultimate Edition:
Director's Cut & Theatrical Version restored in 4K on UHD & Blu-ray - Approved by Peter Jackson
+ HDR and Dolby Vision + Sound in Dolby Atmos + completed synchronization + 2 bonus Blu-rays + New bonus material and much more.

Evil has awakened in the sleepy Californian town of Fairwater... and only one person can stop it: Frank Bannister makes his living as a ghost hunter - he frees haunted houses from their uninvited guests. In reality, he is in cahoots with the ghosts - a perfect deal! However, when one day a truly evil spirit sets out on a murderous foray through Fairwater, suspicion falls on Frank. Now he urgently has to prove his innocence and end the ghost... without ending up in the afterlife himself!

Director Peter Jackson (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and producer Robert Zemeckis (BACK TO THE FUTURE) created THE FRIGHTENERS in 1996, a crazy horror comedy with groundbreaking special effects, music by Danny Elfman and a brilliant cast.

In addition to 2 Ultra HD Blu-rays & 4 Blu-rays, this box contains world-exclusive interviews, the 196-page book The World of Peter Jackson's THE FRIGHTENERS, posters, art cards and a replica business card from Frank Bannister.


Technical specifications:
Language / Sound: DC: German & English Dolby Atmos, English - DTS-HD MA 5.1 & 2.0 (UHD), English - DTS 2.0 & 5.1 (BD) - KF German & English DTS-HD MA 5.1 & 2.0 Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (2160p 4K Ultra HD
) with HDR and Dolby Vision (UHD), 2.35:1 (1080p24) (Blu-ray)
Subtitles: German, German for the hearing impaired, English, English for the hearing impaired
Running time: DC: approx. 123 minutes, Theatrical Version: approx. 110 minutes

Bonus material:
+ World premiere of the director's cut as an open matte version - released by Peter Jackson
+ 196-page book The World of Peter Jackson
+ World-exclusive new artwork and poster by Ronan Wolf Chuat
+ Art cards and replica business card
+ No Way to Make a Living* - New Bonus featurette with interviews from the cast and crew over 95 minutes
+ The Making of THE FRIGHTENERS* (270 min.)
+ Audio commentary by Peter Jackson*
+ Trailer

*The bonus material has optional German and English subtitles.

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