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Vampyres (2015) LE 555 Mediabook Cover C - Blu-ray Region B

Vampyres (2015) LE 555 Mediabook Cover C - Blu-ray Region B

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Fran and Miriam are two lesbian vampires who live in an old estate in central England. Their food source: men and women in transit. They give them a night of passion and then brutally take their lives. After Fran develops feelings for one of her male victims, the situation begins to spiral out of control. When Ann shows up with two friends, the disaster begins...

Original title: Vampyres

- 24-page booklet by Dr. Susanne Kappesser
- Teaser trailer
- German trailer
- Original trailer
- Picture gallery
- Making-of
- Interview with Caroline Munro

Release date:
November 30th, 2023

No youth rating

Running time:
76min & 79min - Uncut

Country code:
2 PAL / B

Sound format(s):
German Dolby Digital 5.1
German DTS HD 5.1
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English DTS HD 5.1


Aspect ratio(s):
2.40 (16:9 anamorphic)
2.40 (1080p)

Victor Matellano

Caroline Munro
Fele Martínez
Antonio Mayans (Anthony Mayans)
May Heatherly
Lone Fleming
Format: Blu Ray
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