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From A Whisper To A Scream (Used - LE 444. Mediabook - Cover B. Blu-ray Region Free)

From A Whisper To A Scream (Used - LE 444. Mediabook - Cover B. Blu-ray Region Free)

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Beneath the small-town exterior of Oldfield, Tenn., lies a history of shocking violence and terrifying phenomena, as recounted by local historian Julian White (Vincent Price). In the '80s, an office worker (Clu Gulager) nurses a deadly crush. In the '50s, a witch doctor (Harry Caesar) holds the secret to unending life. In the '30s, fighting breaks out in a traveling carnival. Finally, in the 1860s, Union soldiers discover a group of orphaned children.


Labels: Turbine Media
Country: Germany (2021)
Publication: 12/17/2021
Rating: FSK 18
Limitation: 444 pcs
Region code: A/B/C


Blu Ray Runtime: 96 mins
DVD running time: 92 mins
audio tracks: German English
Subtitle: German English
Extras: 3 Audio Comments: 1st with Director & Co-Writer Jeff Burr, 2nd with Co-Writer/Producer Darin Scott & Co-Writer C. Courtney Joyner and 3rd with Casting Director David Del Valle & Co-Writer Mike Malone - Intro by Jeff Burr (ca. 2 min) - Trailer Show: Trailer (Original, US & D), TV Spots (US) - Open Matte Version (ca. 93 min.), Return To Oldfield (ca. 116 min.), Picture gallery with commentary by Jeff Burr (ca. 11 min.), 8mm - A decade of innocence (ca. 77 min.) - Short films: 8mm early work from 1974-1980: Intro by Jeff Burr (ca. 1 min), TEENAGE FRIGHT (1974, approx. 6 min.), AGENT 005 (1976, approx. 25 min.), LIFE IS SEMI PRECIOUS (1978, approx. 66 min. + trailer), SORCERER'S DUEL (1978, approx. 13 min.), LET US PREY (1979, approx. 25 min.), HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION (1980, approx. 31 min.) - 8mm film school from 1981: WIPEOUT (approx. 11 min.), SPOILS (approx.10 min.), TURNAROUND (approx. 7 min.), CHILD'S PLAY (approx. 7 min.) - 16mm: Divided We Fall (HD) from 1982: Intro by Jeff Burr (approx. 2 min), DIVIDED WE FALL in 16:9 & 4:3 (each approx. 27 min.), Behind the Scenes - 16:9 & 4:3 (approx. 11 min.)
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